B.WinA making a difference

To some music is art; to others it's entertainment.  For international recording artist, B.WinA aka, Brent Winter, "music is life, rhythm is movement and we, the human race, are products of both."

Having lived in St. Croix, Antigua, Miami and Los Angeles, Brent's immersion in the arts led him to Brazil where he carved out his own personal World Sound, amplifying rhythms and beats of jazz, hip hop, pop and funk while retaining the integrity of his messaged lyrics aimed at youth, families, core value  systems and positive reinforcement.

Brent's first release, "THE WAY" is a timely relevant expression with powerful lyrics and sensory loaded instrumentation.  With a commanding vocal presence wrapped in piano and percussive sounds, Brent's voice and lyrics take hold, and prompt us,  "...let's strive to make a change." mp3 download


Leading by example, every download of "THE WAY"  will feed 1 child through Mary's Meals - a grassroots, multi-cultural global movement currently providing meals to over 1.5 million children a day in their place of school, in over 18 of the world's poorest countries. making a difference mp3 download music


"A lot of us talk about changing what we see - thinking is a start - it's not an action - let's see some doing."  B.WinA making a difference music mp3 download

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